Top 8 HubSpot Integrations For 2021

If you aren’t already using HubSpot, then you probably should be. Combining four distinct yet interconnected business functions into one centralized platform, HubSpot can transform your operations and workflows.

In this article, we’ll cover what HubSpot is and why you should be using it, as well as showcasing how you can use HubSpot alongside other apps to increase the efficacy of your business functions.

Read on to learn more and discover what the top HubSpot integrations are for 2021.

What is HubSpot?


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HubSpot is a versatile platform that incorporates four core ‘Hubs’: marketing, service, sales, and CMS. When used in conjunction with one another, HubSpot can perform an endless range of functions.

From automating your marketing to enhancing your customer service, you can embed the powerful software into your business functions. Businesses can achieve increased efficiency, optimized productivity, and a higher ROI with HubSpot’s features.

To get an insight into just how useful HubSpot is, take a look at these real-world examples of how you can use each component:

  • Increase automation with Marketing Hub, create bespoke landing pages and personalize marketing emails to drastically reduce your marketing spend and increase your campaigns’ accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Use the Service Hub to deliver omnichannel customer support, offer knowledge base functionality and track customer journeys across channels and devices.
  • Generate more revenue with a powerful CRM within the Sales Hub. Boost engagement with a wide range of tools and enhance your reporting accuracy to gather actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Manage your online presence from the CMS Hub. Create, edit, update and delete with no technical expertise and incorporate SEO recommendations, contact attribution reporting, and adaptive testing into your strategy to enhance your online performance.

As you can see, the four elements of HubSpot combine to deliver a powerful engine that fuels business growth. Businesses can use HubSpot across many industry sectors to reduce costs, save time and optimize results.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Using HubSpot as a standalone platform, you can integrate popular tools and apps into the platform to increase its functionality.

To find out which connectors you should be using, take a look at the top HubSpot integrations for 2021:

1. Gmail

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When you integrate HubSpot with Gmail, you effectively transfer all of the tools straight to your inbox. You can view and edit Templates and Meetings from within Gmail, while a customized HubSpot Sidebar lets you view the data you need at a glance.

Your HubSpot CRM system can instantly log emails sent from Gmail, ensuring that you maintain complete customer records in real-time.

When Gmail and HubSpot are connected, you can view your entire CRM system from within Gmail, which means accessing data and updating records is simple and straightforward.

You can track email opens and clicks automatically and in real-time and implement a shared data flow across the two platforms. If you’re using a HubSpot, there’s a reason why the Gmail integration is at the top of so many ‘must-have’ integration lists.

As the most popular online email service, users are combining the tools and features of Gmail with the functionality of HubSpot to create a versatile, customizable, and centralized platform to manage all types of business functions.

2. MailChimp

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If you’re using MailChimp to manage your emails, the HubSpot integration puts your entire CRM system where it needs to be – in your inbox.

Using segmented lists from your CRM system, you can create personalized emails in MailChimp and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you can sync MailChimp activity and data with HubSpot to ensure that you can accurately track and monitor customer activity.

From sends and opens to clicks and bounces, all the data you need is automatically available in your existing CRM.

Once integrated, you can also access MailChimp’s social media management and automation tools via your Hubs.

With increased automation and advanced scheduling, you can streamline your campaigns and execute activities in advance, in addition to creating detailed reports and gathering meaningful insights.

Although sync errors are rare, intelligent error handling ensures that you can resolve any issues swiftly, which means you can get back to engaging users, nurturing leads, and converting prospects.

3. Outfunnel

For ‘marketing automation that drives revenue,’ Outfunnel is hard to beat. You can use Outfunnel’s email marketing features to send super affordable email sequences or workflows to your HubSpot contacts.

Alternatively, you can use its App connector to connect your preferred marketing tools. For example, you can use the HubSpot-MailChimp integration. In this way, you can create a super-powered, automated CRM system that does the hard work for you.

When you incorporate automated campaigns into your CRM system, you can align your marketing and sales strategies to achieve better results while reducing your ROI.

Lead scoring and web tracking tell you where to focus your resources, while two-way integration ensures data and analytics can be viewed and modified on all platforms.

4. Zapier

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With more than 1,400 app connectors, Zapier is one of the top HubSpot integrations for 2021. Popular Zaps for HubSpot include:

  • Automatically creating calendar entries from incoming emails
  • Sending Eventbrite registrations directly to your CRM
  • Incorporating leads from an Unbounce form straight into your HubSpot CRM
  • Sending outbound emails when HubSpot forms are submitted.

However, the vast range of app connectors ensures that you can create an endless combination of Zaps. Whatever apps you’re currently using, there’s a good chance that Zapier already offers HubSpot integration for them.

With custom, predefined triggers and actions, you can automate virtually any workflows to save time, minimize expenditure and maximize your productivity.

5. Slack


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Widely used to facilitate instant communication between teams and partners, Slack users can now receive HubSpot notifications, tasks, and slash commands from within Slack itself.

You can turn Slack conversations into HubSpot tasks with just one click, stay updated with reminders, follows, and notifications from HubSpot within Slack, and synchronize your sales and marketing teams across both platforms.

With Slack’s Connect feature, you can invite external users to chat, collaborate and meet in real-time. From product demonstrations to contract negotiations, Slack Connect acts as a virtual workspace that gives you the resources you need to acquire and retain customers.

Now, you can enhance your instant communications by accessing HubSpot CRM data directly from Slack.

6. Hotjar

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Knowing how users interact with your website is critical to your long-term success, and Hotjar’s behavioral analytics provide just the information you need.

With heatmaps to show which elements of your site receive the most attention and recordings to replicate real customer journeys, you can gain detailed insights into user behavior with Hotjar, as well as generating feedback via forms and surveys.

Now, the Hotjar and HubSpot integration ensure survey responses automatically appear in CRM contact timelines.

Giving you more insight into a contact’s brand interactions, you can monitor their feedback and subsequent actions to make data-driven decisions about how to convert and increase their lifecycle value.

7. Google Search Console


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Increasing your SEO rankings, generating more organic traffic, implementing the best SEO strategies and practices and enhancing your online performance is crucial to boosting brand awareness, gaining trust, and converting prospects, which is why you need to be using Google Search Console.

If you want to know where your website traffic is coming from, what keywords users searched for, and how they interact with your content on search engine results pages (SERPs), Google Search Console will provide all the data you need.

When you integrate Google Search Console, the metrics and data will be accessible via the Optimization page of HubSpot or your SEO dashboard.

With instant access to the insights and information you need to enhance your online performance, this is one integration that can genuinely transform your business.

8. Intercom

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Designed to help you acquire, engage and retain customers, Intercom is a dedicated business messenger that facilitates conversational marketing, customer engagement, and support.

Targeted messages and real-time chats enable you to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your customers while reducing the number of resources required to execute marketing, sales, and support functions.

With HubSpot integration, you can automatically send Intercom leads to your CRM along with their conversations. Additionally, you can:

  • Create HubSpot workflows from Intercom conversations,
  • Update your CRM with details captured via Intercom
  • View a user’s HubSpot CRM profile alongside real-time Intercom interactions
  • Check a lead’s Intercom history and chat content within HubSpot.

Implement The Top HubSpot Integrations Now

There’s no doubt that HubSpot’s four central elements – marketing, sales, service, and CMS – are powerful in their own right. Many businesses operate successfully using these four pillars as a standalone platform.

However, the impact of HubSpot can be significantly enhanced when you integrate with other tools.

Not only can you gather more data and generate more significant results, but you can also automate commands and actions with the right HubSpot integrations.

Whether you’re using Gmail and Intercom, MailChimp and Slack, Hotjar and Zapier, or any other combination of tools, integrating them with HubSpot gives you the functionality you need to enhance your operations and outperform your competitors.

Crucially, you’ll also be able to simplify your workflows, operate more efficiently and optimize your productivity when you integrate your favorite apps and programs with HubSpot’s four core Hubs.



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