How Virtual Events Can Improve Your Branding Strategy in 2020

It’s hard to determine what ingredients go into making a business successful, however, branding is one such element that should be at the top of every company’s list. A solid trusted brand is your firm’s most valuable asset. Your audience should be able to trust and believe in it wholeheartedly.

The importance of branding in a company is inclusive in all aspects including how you incorporate it in all sorts of marketing events as well. These strategies are meant to be ever-evolving for the benefit of the company and should use most current trends, which can involve virtual aspects considering they are not only limited to consumer brands.

According to Market Research Media, by 2023 the Virtual Event Industry is expected to climb to $18 billion, a sign of their increasing popularity. Online Events are prominent for their ability to reach prospects globally and increase Return on Investment for multiple businesses.

This article will shed light on how virtual events can help improve your branding strategy in 2020. Some of these events include:

  • Virtual Education Fair
  • Virtual Job Fair
  • Virtual Trade Show

Let’s see how these Virtual Events can help in improving your branding strategy in 2020.

 Virtual Education Fair

Virtual Education Fairs are meant to engage universities with students and help them learn more about the educational options and opportunities they may be accessible to. All this happens under one virtual roof and helps empower educational institutes to connect with students from all over the world.

In this online event, universities can show prospective students the educational programs they have, the sort of culture that the university has and how students may choose which one fits them the most or they are most comfortable with.

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The process of branding your university is strategically communicating your selling points to a student audience. This event is conducted by organizations in which hundreds of universities can exhibit themselves and their programs to a global student base, and try to sell their brand and attract top students.

How can this virtual setting help universities in improving their branding strategy? As mentioned before, branding strategies involve all sorts of companies and not just consumer brands. Hence, universities can adopt a number of options to strengthen their branding through a Virtual Education Fair.

One method that is conducive and common in a few events is that of pre-event hype. This can include promoting heavily on social media including the company’s social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even more youth-oriented platforms such as Instagram. This tends to create a ‘buzz’ or hype around the actual event and circulate it around the virtual world, reaching far more prospects and interested students than traditional methods can bring and also improving university branding strategy.

Another method includes booths provided to universities in which they can showcase their unique culture, academic standing, and trademark aspects. This can help create a mark and differentiate themselves from the competition or other universities, as they want to gain the best educational talent. These booths are easily customizable through Virtual Event Platform providers and can be set to showcase your brand.

Virtual Job Fairs

If you’re looking to make the most of your time with effective costing while hiring faster and smarter, then an online event such as a Virtual Job Fair is the solution for you.

Virtual Job Fair is an online event that takes place in a virtual setting during a certain time on a certain channel. Employer companies tend to showcase their specific booths, in which they can chat with the job-seekers using chat tools, teleconferencing and more to exchange information about themselves as a company alongside the job postings that are available.

These events can also help improve their branding strategy in a multitude of ways. As mentioned, employers can exhibit their company booths where they connect and interact with job-seekers. Employer booths also have brief company information to help the job-seeker better understand what the company is all about, and it also displays their job openings that are currently available.

Another thing that employer companies can do to make themselves stand out and improve branding strategy is to include a company video. This can be a better, more in-depth introduction about the company and the job openings instead of writing it down or mentioning it along with the booth. A simple introduction that features a hiring manager or any other related post can talk about the job requirements as well.

Companies can also greet job-seekers through an engaging Welcome Video, in which they welcome visitors to their booth and company after introducing themselves. Adding another aspect in the video that people are always curious to know would be the company culture.

Needless to say, pre-hype promotions such as creating a buzz on social media about upcoming online events can target a larger audience and ensure more attendance.

Post-event hype is also an important aspect and can be applicable in this online setting. After job-seekers have registered to a company, it can reach out to them a short time after the event and thank them for their interest.

You can learn more about how to conduct interactive and customizable Virtual Job Fairs here.

Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Trade Shows provide many different industries with a chance to showcase their goods through an online setting. The items can be exhibited and demonstrated and can include many different features such as exhibit halls, booths for the vendors and marketing collateral, etc.

Improving branding strategy through such an event can be done through promotion on all social media platforms. One method can be discount announcements to get the attention of the target audience.

But something more generic to this type of event can be including Digital Collateral. This is helpful to your company as according to Global Experience Specialists, branding as 75% of trade show brochures and product pamphlets usually go to waste.

Digital collateral can help you save costs and enable your attendees to access the content they’re likely to be interested in digitally. They can select and even download it if they need it later. This will provide a good image and a unique setting for your company.

To provide attendees with the content they’re actually interested in, brands are using electronic collateral/literature, allowing attendees to select what they want and have it sent instantaneously to their inboxes.

Lastly, webinars and informative virtual sessions can help improve branding strategy in 2020 as well. Trade Show exhibitors can showcase their goods and include a brief rundown of the services they offer, and how they can help solve issues for their customers. The main goal is to create a profile that’s compelling so that prospects would want to learn more and make purchases.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there is always a way to improve your branding strategy. With virtual events trending in 2020, you can make smart branding choices by leveraging them. Try these tips and find out for yourself!

About the Author:

Warda is a digital marketer specializing in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She is a proponent of virtual events and writes about them often. To read more from her, visit vFairs


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