Holiday Marketing for Millennials: 3 Things to Consider

Millennials, people from ages 23 to 38 years old, are expected to be the biggest spenders during the holiday season. Reaching out to this generation is a challenge to vendors, as millennials constantly change their shopping habits.

For entrepreneurs, the holiday season is a great opportunity to gain more profit. Knowing what consumers will look for is vital to hit the desired number of sales. And with millennials predicted to spend the most, connecting to them should be one of the main focuses for businesses this season.

Here are some holiday marketing tips you can use to attract millennials.

Make Your Presence Felt Online

Going to a mall or a store for holiday shopping is time-consuming. E-commerce makes shopping faster and more convenient for many consumers including millennials. 

A study shows that 67% of millennials prefer to shop online rather than visiting a physical store. The number reaches 95% during the holiday season. Having various options online would also be a treat for many consumers. Spending time and exerting effort to improve a company’s online content would help entrepreneurs get into the wallets of millennials.

Offering perks such as free shipping, discounts, fast delivery methods would also help brands seal the deal.

Support a Cause

Aside from knowing a product’s benefits and features, millennials are also looking into a brand’s purpose. They tend to be loyal to a company that invests in causes they believe in. According to research, 50% of millennials will either support or boycott a brand based on its stand on a specific issue. Cause marketing is here to stay and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Some tips for companies that want more involvement in the holiday season:

  • Share your story – Cause marketing is a strategy to increase sales and promote your company’s values and commitment.
  • Be original – Create a holiday campaign that is unique and purpose-driven.
  • An early start- It takes time to plan a good cause marketing promotion. This strategy involves dealing with different organizations. It also requires more negotiations internally and externally.

Interact with Them

Millennial shoppers are more likely to complete purchases either online or in-store when they are given a unique experience. Aside from selling products, brands should also consider providing these experiences. It lets consumers engage more and will eventually lead to brand loyalty. The millennial generation seeks experiences they’ll enjoy and benefit from, and in return, information about the products and services are spread through various ways.

A study done by LoyaltyOne, a loyalty marketing service provider, shows that 71% of young millennials get more into the holiday spirit when they see Santa Claus in a store. While 78% of the same group appreciate hearing carols when they enter a shop. Giving the best customer service will provide a joyful and memorable shopping experience to all consumers, including millennials, this holiday season.

Millennials will dominate the consumer population for a long time. Addressing their needs this season will also benefit your company. Brands should take this opportunity to step up and acknowledge this generation’s demands.

About the author:

Sam Dela Paz is the Copywriter of Pepper Virtual Assistants. He writes about productivity, digital marketing, and practically anything his client requires. When he’s not writing, he runs a small cafe called Sonia’s at Surfers Garden.

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