How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Instagram and YouTube are the most popular platforms in today’s world. While most people use them to entertain themselves some use them to make money and earn their living. Many users often feel that some YouTube videos are useful to them and they need to share them on Instagram. The only problem here is the fact that most of them don’t know how to do it. Sadly, there’s no direct way to share a YouTube video on Instagram. That is why we have brought this post for you with an alternate method that allows you to do the said task. Have an Instagram account? Keep reading to know more!

Why do people want to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

If you don’t use Instagram at all, you may wonder why people bother about sharing a YouTube video on Instagram. Why would they take efforts and invest their precious time in doing so? Well, the reasons are simple as given below. 


  • Creating a teaser trailer


You can make a teaser trailer for a more extended YouTube video and post it to Instagram, at that point utilize that to drive traffic back. Or on the other hand, you can make a trailer for a video you’d prefer to advance. Simply ensure you’re giving credit where it’s expected. Suppose you run affiliate marketing promotions, this could be something to test and add to your tool stash.


  • Creating a mashup video


If you’ve been making YouTube content for some time however didn’t keep the first documents from years back, you can download some old top choices and make a mash-up. An excursion through a world of fond memories could be something your Instagram followers would adore.


  • To use video footage in a transformative way


Under the Fair Use Act, you can utilize recordings as long as they’re utilized for ground-breaking and instructive purposes. You can utilize YouTube film to represent a point or offer an instructive goody. Simply ensure you twofold check with the laws of the state or nation you’re in.

The Main Topic – Sharing A YouTube Video On Instagram

The people on Instagram have made sharing YouTube videos on the platform almost impossible. But just like most problems, there is always a workaround solution to this. Be ready to sweat a bit in the process though. Now we will see how you can do this on a smartphone as well as on a PC/ laptop. 


  • Get the video


Before uploading a YouTube video on Instagram, you must first download it. However, the process isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need a third-party application to download the video from YouTube. 


  • Downloading a YouTube video on a PC/laptop


Various third-party tools permit you to download a video from YouTube to your PC. A portion of those tools are Zamzar, OnlineVideoConverer, ClipConverter, and so forth to utilize any of the tools referenced, you’ll need to duplicate the URL to the video and put it in an associated text box. The device will raise a link to download the YouTube video to your PC or hard drive.


  • Downloading a YouTube video on a smartphone


Those using smartphones should initially install a Document 6 application and enter in its programs’ URL. At that point, glue the URL to the YouTube video you’ll jump at the chance to download on the content field on the window that is open on the Document6 internet browser. Pick your favored file format and hit the download button to save the video on your cell phone. This technique works for both Android and iOS gadgets.


  • Trim the video for Instagram 


Instagram has its guidelines directing recordings on its platform. While Instagram has chosen to permit clients to stream live for four hours, they keep up the standard that recordings posted can’t be over a moment longer. Because of this, you may need to abbreviate the video by removing a few sections for Instagram to acknowledge it. There are heaps of outsider applications that offer that assistance; you simply need to get your hands on the most helpful.


  • Upload the video to Instagram 


This is the last advance you’ll take for the YouTube video to be accessible for your Instagram crowd. You ought to have the file prepared on your gadget; that way, you simply need to open the Instagram application and sign in to your record to upload the video. Tap on the + symbol that is in the Instagram application, and select the image you’ll very much want to upload. You can add important tags, portrayals, or some other element that will assist your crowd with figuring out the content. 

Try not to post YouTube recordings that you come up short on the option to post—this is a genuine offense that you can be seriously rebuffed for. To try not to violate the law, you should remain off recordings from obscure sources and those by people hard to go after consent. A vastly improved option is to deliver your content for Instagram—this is all the more genuine and can be simpler for your crowd to associate with if appropriately custom-made for them.

YouTube is a platform where 500 hours of video are uploaded like clockwork; this makes the platform an apiary of recordings. All things considered; the odds are high that you will go over certain recordings that you will very much want to impart to your Instagram crowd. In any case, uploading a YouTube video YouTube is anything but a direct interaction. That is the reason we’ve composed this post to help instruct on how to share a YouTube video on Instagram. Now you can share all the relevant and informative YouTube videos on your Instagram account. If the content is yours then there is nothing to worry about. However, if you do not own the content or the video, be sure to give the credits to the person who owns it. Happy uploading!

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