5 Tools to Help You With Instagram Post Automation

If you have a business, whether it is a big agency or a small one, having an effective presence on social media will provide considerable opportunity for you.

The process of managing an online presence can be so time-consuming, especially for small businesses, since they usually do not have enough staff. As a result, plenty of tools have appeared to make this process more manageable in less time.

We are going to introduce 5 Instagram post automation tools to help you increase your Instagram reach.

What is Instagram Automation and why does it matter?

Instagram automation is the process of managing an account by using third-party software. This process consists of different tasks such as scheduling posts, linking and making comments, etc.

The importance of using automation tools for Instagram is not just limited to saving time, to mention some of its further benefits the following could be considered  :

    • Quality advancement as a result of scheduled posting
    • Facilitation of account growth due to regular posting
    • Related hashtags could be find
    • Content could be shared across multiple accounts
    • You have more time to spend on the quality of your content.

5 Instagram posts automation tools suggestions

If you want to choose a platform to automate your post, you have several different options. Most of the features these platforms provide for their users are similar to each other, but if you pay close attention, you realize their difference and you can choose more wisely.


AiGrow is a web-based platform, which has been designed to help users grow their audiences on Instagram.

It is among the best free Instagram growth apps and has also paid packages.

This platform provides some features for account management to acquire more followers and generate more likes and comments.

AiGrow is not a bot and that is the main advantage for this platform. As the name represents, they are using the advanced technology of AI.

AiGrow also offers a free forever package that helps you to choose it confidently over other options.

Based on AiGrow’s different packages, something between $7 to $29 should be paid per month.


    • It’s an all-in-one package of growth and management tools
    • free trial package
    • Has various packages, suitable for any budget
    • No robots (manual growth service)
    • Provides a dedicated account manager


    • Does Not have a mobile app


Later is a multi-platform social app that helps you to schedule your content. However, this app also supports Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but its main focus is still Instagram.

You can use this app to share 30 scheduled posts each month for free. A premium plan is needed for further use. Depending on which plan you select, you should pay between $12.5 to $33 per month


    • It is a multi-platform app (Desktop, Web, Mobile).
    • Can be used to schedule Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter posts.
    • Provides analytics, search and Repost for free accounts


    • Direct uploading to Instagram is not possible
    • Shared calendar and other features are not available for free accounts
    • Captions are not copied over to the actual Instagram post.


Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool to manage Instagram and Pinterest. It also provides information about previous posts and the reaction they got.

Scheduling stories on Instagram is a noticeable feature that this platform presents.

You can use Tailwind to schedule 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram for free. To further use, small businesses should pay $9.99 per month


    • Post analytics
    • Chrome add-on
    • iOS/Android App
    • Add hashtags in the first comment


    • Tailwind’s load time is usually slow.
    • Does Not allow multi-image posts on Instagram


Buffer is an android/ iOS App to manage publishing time on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be supported by this platform.

The free plan allows scheduled Instagram posts (10 at a time).  Buffer premium plan costs at least $15 per month. This charge becomes $99 for a business plan.


    • analytics on individual posts.
    • Re-Buffer option for recycling old posts.


    • Access to the visual calendar requires an upgrade to a paid plan.
    • It’s too pricey.

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a full-service social media tool that allows its users to schedule their posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

In addition to post automation, Agorapulse also provides reports about the account’s complete activity.

You can use the trial version for 28 days, to use premium features you should pay at least €79 per month. This tool is more suitable for large agencies due to its high price


    • Advanced analytics
    • Visual calendar (weekly/monthly)


    • It’s too pricey.

Wrapping up 

Positive social medial presence can pave the way towards flourishing for any business. Due to lack of time, it is highly recommended to choose appropriate tools to schedule activities on social platforms like Instagram.

There are plenty of different Instagram post automation tools available. However, they may seem familiar, they usually provide different features and services with different costs.

We provide basic information about some useful tools in this article, Based on your business circumstances you should decide to choose a platform,  which suits you best.


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