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An employee is the cornerstone of an institute or an organization. A multitude of tasks is to be carried out by the people in this department. There are places that only a trained professional can tread into. With that many responsibilities, all institutes and companies are always on the lookout for a competition with the most advanced skill set.

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There is a set of skills that are necessary and mandatory to be found in an. With such skills up his sleeve, an human resource employee can execute even the toughest task when it comes to employee management and recruitment and firing.  


Task Overview

The many things that a human resource employee needs to implement as his job description are quite varied, to be honest. Consider the Human Resource Department as that link which ties the entire office or company together.

The job requires the following:

Knowledge of the company 

The representative of the company. There are a ton of places where he would represent the firm. To smoothly execute everything in the company, knowledge of the details and functionalities is a must. Moreover, a person should be closely woven in all important decisions and practices regarding the company.  

Knowledge of how to deal with people 

 It is mostly about people dealing. With interviews and an in-depth hiring process, he/she should have the necessary people skills. These people skills will come in handy and require some amount of judgment.  

Knowledge of how to improve work culture

Where a key task is to bring about a change and freshness in the work culture, the work of an employee becomes even more amplified when he/she has to address so many employee complaints, demands, and queries. For this, the Hr personnel should be well prepared beforehand and know how to manage all these varied tasks. 

It is one’s duty to see to the fact that the work culture is refreshing enough to work in the first place.

People skills

 The outline of its job requires that a lot of people handling be done. The main process of hiring and firing that an employee has to carry out begins by making use of so many experts and different people manipulating techniques too. You should also be able to write good emails to colleagues, here are some free SMTP servers for sending free emails.

Getting Quality Work

 Another significant duty that an employee has to see after the hiring and firing process is that of getting top-notch and beneficial work out of the company employees and workers. This again falls in the domain of people dealing. Judging by the quality of work output, giving feedback and improvement tips also fall in an HR’s domain.

Judging the Work and Offering Remuneration:

 From the work being done and provided by the workforce, it will have to prepare a set of either feedback, improvement tips, advice or praise, and bonus. What’s even a much more difficult task is to motivate the people to work will dedication and honesty. 

Sorting and piling up those worthy of a bonus or some sort of remuneration or praise also falls under a task. 

Hiring and Firing

The most dreaded task of hiring and firing is solely an employee’s responsibility. So much effort goes into probing, testing and hiring an employee who is a perfect fit for the vacancy. 

What’s equally difficult as the hiring process is the firing process. Firing an employee again requires a balanced approach and handy people skills. 

Employee Retention

Among so many duties of an employee listed above, the one of major significance is to build up and erect such a work environment which will aid the people of the company to work in a better way. For preparing the required conducive environment, it is to bring to the front the positive aspect of the organization and the work in hand. For this, manipulation skills are needed. 

As seen from above, there is a substantial amount of work that needs to be accomplished by a professional. For these tasks, one professional is not enough. There at least needs to be a well-rounded HR team in action. Depending on the size of the firm and the employee force to be handled, each person in the HR team should have the necessary skills. These skills also vary according to the designation. 

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.”Lawrence Bossidy

The above post by Lawrence is a cent percent true. There is no larger responsibility than hiring people to work with. Such a great task goes into the domain of HR professionals. Only with necessary skills can such a huge task be carried out.

Solicited Qualities

Certain qualities are quintessential for an HR person to have. Broadly they are personal qualities and professional ones. 

Personal Qualities

Such qualities of an employee render useful to both his professional and personal life too, but moreover to the company. Because the better the HR, with these soft skills, the more smoothly will most of the tasks be executed.

Some personal traits that should necessarily inculcate are:

  1. Influential Personality: The personnel should be such that just with his words, personality and aura, a maximum number of people can be lured in and become influenced. This will gain commitment to profit the firm. 
  2. Decisiveness: A key aspect or crux of all job personnel is taking decisions. Taking decisions regarding the employees to be hired, regarding policies of the company and how to execute them and many more. Everything set aside, the employee should aim to be a quick decision-maker. 
  3. Should Be Motivated: This just does not go for the professionals, but even for those who want to be hired. Having the motivation to work will prove beneficial to the company. As motivated people become more inclined towards quick and effective deliverance and have a sense of responsibility.
  4. Flexibility: Another major thing that decorates His personality is flexibility. A flexible employee will collaborate with both inside and outside the organization.
  5. Daring: Whenever there is a risk or any sort of challenge involved, HR should be willing to take calculated risks and have the courage to do so too. 
  6. Credible: It should be willing to take responsibility for his actions and an expert in his field. Moreover, be credible for his actions.
  7. Focused on Deliverance: the personnel should look at the quality of work that he/she produces. Such a person who is ready to meet deadlines, deliver class apart services and additionally does quality work is a very sort after quality. 
  8. A Good Mentor: An employee should be the epitome of how work should be executed and mentor people to do the same.
  9. Collaborative: It is all about influencing people to work together and create a conducive work environment.
  10. Patience: Patience is a virtue that is utterly desirable and should be an epitome of patience. This is also because dealing with so many different people requires patience.
  11. People Skills: Since the job is to interact and manipulate the employees to yield work and resolve any conflicts or issues they face, those people would easily make it, who have an influential personality and the needed people skills. This will help them get their way with people. 

These are a handful of general qualities that should be found in an employee. All those looking to build a career in the Human Resource Department should care to build up these values first and scoot to the coveted professional ones. You can install hr small business software to facilitate this process.

Professional Qualities

Some professional traits are required to be present, to decorate a complete Human Resources personnel too. These are the few common ones that are deemed necessary :

  1. Employee Engagement: It works around employees. His main job revolves around employee happiness and wellness. So human resource personnel should have good rapport with workers. 
  2. Good Employee Relations: It is desired for an employee to have good employee relations. This will help him to solve any personal life issues that can become problematic in the workspace.
  3. Optimism: Motivating people to work harder and produce better results both from an in house team working under the company’s shelter or remote team monitored by remote work tools. For this, a positive outlook towards the work to be delivered needs to be built by the personnel. 
  4. Presence of Mind: HR should be mindful of the activities of the people. Whenever a problematic situation arises, he/she should draw from it and solve it with the resources in hand. 
  5. Mediation: One acts as a link between the top head departments and bottom level workforce. It should have the quality of good mediation and implement the desired rules or changes. 

These above professional qualities and characteristics are the most sought after in a job application. A good mixture of both the personal and professional traits, as listed above, will prove fruitful for anybody looking to build up a career in the Human Resources field. Even current personnel can adopt any from the above-given lists to make up for a well-rounded career.

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