7 Ways to Show Your Genuine Care for Your Employees

As the years pass, more companies have begun to recognize the importance of not neglecting the needs of their employees. They see that being caring towards their employees helps grow their business to even bigger heights. Plus, employees become more motivated to work for the company.

Of course, not everybody is hitting the mark. A lot of companies think that ordering pizza for the staff every once in a while is a good enough form of caring for the employees.

Although it’s a nice sentiment, it doesn’t mean that it will work all the time. Often, these end up being too gimmicky to feel genuine.

Therefore, one must look for ways to show employees that you care for them by figuring out what it is that they want. This is especially important if it is part of your company values and your overall branding. 

On that note, here are seven legitimate ways you can show that you do care for your employees:

Pay attention

One of the simplest ways you can show that you do care for someone, regardless of your relationship with them, is through showing that you are paying attention. This is especially true for managers who work more closely with their employees.

How often have you heard of the nightmare manager who is completely disconnected from the staff they oversee? Instead of being managers, they end up being tattletales for upper management.

They’re not really listening. Instead, they’re waiting for the opportunity to take down the employees. This is not only bad for the company atmosphere but also for the overall growth of the business.

Therefore, if you plan on paying attention, don’t just listen to wait for your turn to speak. Listen and pay attention. 

According to the best manager training courses online, listening to employees is one of the most crucial interpersonal skills a manager should possess.

Cultivate a good company culture

Company culture can end up forming even without your supervision, which can be good or bad depending on the direction it takes.

If you’re not careful, the ground level of your organization might have a horrible time in the workplace without your knowledge. With that said, it’s hard to dictate how company culture should be.

Nonetheless, you should be more hands-on towards managing it. You should be more active in workplace relationships and do as you say.

A good leader in the workplace can inspire people to change for the better and it will make it easier for you to mold a positive company culture.

To make it easier for you to figure out what’s going on at the ground level of your organization you should set up a way to get feedback from them. Having a system of feedback in place will make employees much more comfortable relying on you.

As a leader in the workplace being dependable and reliable is one big step towards creating a healthy company culture. 

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Invest in your workplace

Although the intangible atmosphere of your workplace is crucial, having a great physical environment can have a positive effect on the intangibles too. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect the power of investing in your physical workplace.

The more respectable and tidy a workplace looks, the more people who are working in the office will feel like they are respectable themselves. This will make them have a better standard for their work and more pride in what they do.

One great investment is making the workplace have decent lighting. Enough natural light should stream into the room but not too much that it hurts people’s eyes.

In 2019, 68% of workforce preferred remote working. And, the study predicts massive growth in remote working in the next 5 years. Set up your virtual space today to collaborate with your virtual office today!

Provide them the right benefits

Although small rewards are great for minor successes in the workplace, you should also learn to give away some benefits to your staff members. Providing the right benefits at the right time is a great motivation for your team.

Let’s be honest. The top choice when it comes to employee rewards and benefits would be a cash bonus. That is to be expected. Therefore, for bigger wins in the workplace, you should know what it is you should give.

There’s nothing more disappointing than working hard to give the organization a huge win only to be given a coupon to the nearest fast food place. Thus, the right benefit for the right time should be something that you master.

Trust your employees

Give your employees the space to be able to do what they need to do. Every leader likes the feeling of having full control over results. However, if you don’t relinquish some control, you might as well not have employees.

Don’t micro-manage. Don’t let managers micro-manage their team.

Having trust in your employees is crucial. Plus, you are treating them like the professionals that they are if you do so.

Create new opportunities

To show that you genuinely care for your employees, give them the space to grow as they need to.

Whether it’s through promoting them, giving them connections outside of your work if they outgrew you, or assigning them to more challenging jobs, there are plenty of opportunities that you can make for them.

Don’t be the one standing in the way of their success and they’ll remember you for it.

Opportunities in the workplace don’t only manifest themselves in promotions if you feel like they’re not ready for that yet. Instead, you should always be on the lookout for which skills you find your employees needing improvement on and then work with them to improve that.

For example, you might want to bring with them to client meetings so that they are more aware of that side of the business if they weren’t before. Another way you can bring in more opportunities is by assigning them to work that you usually wouldn’t give to them. Of course, you should give them a heads up first so that they’re aware of what’s going on.

Celebrate in big and small ways

Rewards are a great motivation for your employees.

As mentioned before, you can give rewards in a number of different ways. Some don’t even have to be monetary.

For example, if you finished weeks upon weeks of stress with your team, you can give them one day off for it. Another great example of a big celebration for your employees is if your business has grown exponentially in the past year. You can show your appreciation by treating your employee to a big getaway for a couple of days or so.  Check out these employee appreciation day ideas for more ways to reward your staff

There are plenty of expressions of care that you can give them if you know how to balance it.

Final Word

Saying that you care and showing that you actually care for your employees are two different things.

Instead of talking about how much you care for them, it’s a lot better to show it. That way, you get loyal employees and you develop an excellent company culture.

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