7 Essential Tips for Salon Influencer Marketing

Certainly, getting customers to your Salon is a tough job!

Managing this type of business is complicated for several reasons.  When it is about the Salon industry, loyalty is paramount. 

For those who have just started their Salon business, making the breakthrough is evident to thrive. That’s why many of these Salons folded it up after a few months. Here, the need for Influencer marketing arrives. 

It is also known as the micro influence marketing, ambassador marketer, social media collaboration and partnerships. Influencer marketing has made it a remarkable impression.  And, it is growing at a rapid pace. 

Nowadays, several potential Salons and other organizations are experiencing influencer marketing in their marketing strategy.

It is noticed that 94% of the Salons and Spas are using this concept and the Return of Investment (ROI) is 11 times more as compared to another online marketing approach.


These statistics have convinced us and knowing what Influencer marketing has become critical. 

So, let’s comprehend it!

What is an Influencer marketing

Undoubtedly, social media has influenced our lives majorly.  The percentile of those who like to watch TV, read a newspaper is negligible.  Everyone now prefers to use social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to spend their time.

The users have got exhausted from the businesses seeking to sell their services and products continually.  

How about getting it done from someone else?

The reports say that almost 80% of the Millennials trust Instagram buddies than any promotion and the advertisements. 

When target groups view posts from whom they follow or trust, they are more apt to get their opinions sincerely than the posts straight from salons or spas.

Precisely, Influencers are those bloggers and local Instagrammers who sell your Salon products and services to the followers. Their way of promoting is engaging and authentic. 

When you have signed up and identified the well-known personalities for the beauty Salon, start the marketing campaigns.  Choose only the relevant platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are preferable. 

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Check out below how Influencer marketing is beneficial

Aim and estimates

Before seeking any form of collaboration or partnership, you should plan appropriately.   We want to imply here is that it is essential to finalize your aims, objectives, and budget. 

The aim should revolve around getting more followers on the social media channel,  perceive more customers and earn more money. But, things become effective when outlined. 

Let say; you are offering a new hair treatment and want to promote it. And, your list is of 10 customers.  So, to accomplish, it becomes critical to be definite about the objectives and the other significant measures like the budget. 

Most importantly, it is dependent on the influencer you are choosing.  The influencers can also demand some free services in place of creating content.  It is one of the healthy and modest Salon marketing ideas

Analyze the potential influencers

Find out the influencers in your city and create a spreadsheet for the same on your Salon Software.  Discover at least 10 to 20 influencers in your geographic location that fits perfectly in your marketing objective. 

Who could be the best influencer?

Consider only the genuine and strong influencer. Those you have posted the quality content in the past would be best for you. Get as much information as you can.  

Serving with the one who has posted high-quality photos is very valuable. Therefore, research appropriately to make your list-worthy. Surely, you want the photos to look attractive which gives a flawless look to your label. Additionally,  you can re-use the photos in the future as well. 

How to find the influencer?

Find the best hashtags in your city. And analyze the top posts that can match with your influencer profile.  

Then, check whether any of your existing customers have the active Instagram following. What if they have tagged you in any of the photos!!


You can also search for bloggers in your city and check their blogs. From there, you can check their Instagram to find their profile. 

Use the Salon management software to list down the influencer’s name, their profile link, the number of followers, likes and comments, the type of content, etc.  

How to assure the followers are genuine?

It is a must to know whether the follower influencer has are real or not! To assure, check out the comments- Loving your feed, amazing and love this post could be fake.  The comments that are totally related to the posts are genuine. 

How many followers should influencer have?

It is dependent on the two factors- who your target audience is and how large your city is. One with 1500+ followers, more engagement and a real following is better than the one with 3,50,000 followers but less influence. 

Reach them 

After collecting the related information, select the influencer you want to reach.  It is not required that everyone wants to be a partner with you. Here, the list that you have made in the spreadsheet will help.  Reach them from email given in their Instagram bio and can message them. 

With a significant following and the best Instagram feed, you can attain more attention from the influencers. They will become anxious to collaborate with you. Following this, you can create a strong connection even before you approach them.  

Keep the message simple and productive in the beginning.  Let them know about your brand and question if they want to promote your Salon or not.   If they are likely to show their interest, then you can make a prompt call and promote it. 

Determine how to maintain the relationship and the campaign

After having the conversation about the meeting, determine how you like this meeting to work. It is beneficial to know- how you want your partnership to proceed. If your approach is undecided and open, then it is tough to make the influencer agree. What you have to do is to -admit to their terms and be adaptable. 

It is better to research various partnership types on Instagram. Check the hashtags #ad or #sponsored to have some opinions on Instagram. Check out the below critical points while coming for an agreement: 

  • Have they experienced any brand? Request for example, what results can they get, the type of agreements have they reached (how much did they pay, or whether they receive free services/products).
  • What will you give them in return? Discounted services, Payments or Free services? 
  • Which way will you offer them the payment or services? 
  • What do you want to promote?
  • Tell them the ideas you have. How do you want to promote? How you want the video and photos to look like?
  • The number of photos you want them to take and when they post them? 
  • What about the call to action and caption?
  • Can they use the photos in the future for your website, social media, and marketing?
  • Inform them about the goals of your campaign (by means of the new followers, booking and the likes). Question them if they believe they are genuine. 
  • Show them a few examples-how you want your photos to be like.
  • Finalize the timeline of when you like this to happen. After having an explicit agreement, assure that you are communicating with them through messaging and email to rephrase the deal. 

Examine the results and ROI you have

The campaigns could be an Instagram story, Instagram photo, and the blog post. After the completion of the campaign,  determine the results you have received. 

Follow the below points to know if the promotion is worth or not!!

  • Check the number of comments and likes the photos have?
  • Check out the followers you have.  
  • Is there anything more than average?
  • Can you follow them after the campaign? 
  • Find out how many like to book an appointment with you and are requesting the promo offer?
  • Trace the ROI-the amount of money you get or how much money is spent?

It would be best if you waited for some weeks to get the results.  Because the results take more than usual after posting.

Evaluate the lessons you learned

It is perfectly fine if the campaign is not working out properly in the initial stage. What significant here is to check what is working and what is not — this analysis you can consider next time.  

It is advisable to understand your target market and those who are coming to you for services to make them repeat customers.  After knowing this, you should tailor the market to target those who have worked with you as influencers. 

Wrapping Up

So, if your question lies in knowing that whether the Influencer marketing goes for the beauty salon, then the answer is undoubted – Yes!

It is assuredly the next big wave in making your online presence strong.

Because of it, serving Instagram and bloggers is not limited to the big brands now.  The Salon industry is finding ways to increase their social following and customers. They are exploring and enhancing their brand value as well.  

Make a plan, find the right influencer, be clear about your requirements- that’s it! Also, know your results and acquire this experience and thrive.

We hope this post has encouraged you with new marketing ideas for your Salon.  Everything is all about the trials and errors. 

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is any other essential tip, then let us know. Please share your experience with us — comment below for your queries and suggestions.

Happy reading!

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