7 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Help You Generate More Leads

If you are marketing personnel, you know the importance of generating high-quality leads. For many marketing professionals, lead generation is the main part of their inbound marketing strategy. 

Businesses use different techniques for lead generation irrespective of their type, which includes efforts to enhance the SEO rankings to increase traffic through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

As a marketing professional, you must know where to spend time and money to generate high-quality leads. You must know how to choose the right marketing tool for marketing your products or services.

Marketers have used the technique of customer testimonials as a marketing tool for ages. It is very effective, but they nowadays use video testimonials for lead generation. 

Nobody can ignore the power of video testimonials. Let us check 7 reasons for the popularity of video testimonials and how it helps to generate more leads.

People Prefer Video Testimonials 

Consumers prefer watching videos rather than reading the text. They prefer to watch videos, especially at the end of the discussion.

Many of them watch different types of videos, like how-to, demo, or explainer videos. Such videos help them to find good products and improve their purchasing decisions.

Just like consumers, even executives also watch videos rather than spending time to read texts. Studies show that consumers watch videos related to a product nearly four times more than just reading a text about it.

Video testimonials can provide better customer experience and help the market team to move their prospectus effectively along with the sales funnel.

Use video testimonials more because it can be shared easily.

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Customers Share Videos More Than Sharing Images or Texts

Another great reason for choosing video testimonials as a marketing tool is that people have the habit of sharing good videos. 

 You might be surprised to know that they share videos nearly twelve times more than sharing text content or images.

You know that videos on social media generate more likes and shares than images or texts. Even social media giants like Facebook increased their investment in video marketing, considering this fact.

So, many businesses make video testimonials of their satisfied customers in their marketing so that it can notice easily.

Some social media networks like Snapchat and Instagram also have great features for video marketing like the shoppable video to increase conversion rate and engagement.

Very Effective to Play with Emotions and Trigger Emotions

When it comes to decision making, emotions play an important role even if most people claim that they make only rational decisions. 

The best advantage of video testimonials is that it helps you to see and hear about someone else experience. They can effectively convey how they used a particular product or service.

Through a video testimonial, a customer can explain the world that how they feel better after an experience. It helps you to watch the expressions on his or her face and can hear the modulation invoice.

So, your potential customer will feel the same way when a customer happily and thankfully narrates their experience after using your product or service.

For Better Retention Rates

Most people forget textual information, but if you convey a message through a video, it can stick in their minds for long. 

So, you can get a high retention rate if you create a video testimonial for your product than explaining through texts.

In fact, videos can create a better effect on the brain that storytelling. People remember the information of it conveys through interesting visuals.

Create video testimonials for the marketing of your product, keeping the best benefits of your product in mind. And make it more appealing visually by adding text and graphics.

Consumers Prefer to Watch User Reviews

Many people watch reviews before buying a product, and they even trust the reviews of strangers. They trust the testimonials and reviews they see and more like to buy the product. 

The video testimonials that you use for marketing purposes must be trustworthy. Choose a relaxed atmosphere to film the testimonials in order to get a natural effect for that. 

Remember, if your customer watches your video testimonial and trust it, it can be a psychological marketing concept through which you can generate more leads.

Generate Leads Through Social Proof

Social proof is a significant factor in making decisions. You can easily generate more leads by making video testimonials if it is trustworthy. Sometimes, customer reviews can be more trustworthy than personal reviews. 

Marketers use different powerful tools for marketing their products or services like social media posts, comments, user reviews, and ratings. 

Video testimonials change a little from the above category, but the same principles apply in this case as well. You can improve social proof through video testimonials also and can generate more leads.

Video Testimonials for Better Conversions

The main aim of any marketing strategy is to convert a potential customer into a paying one. And you cannot find any better way for conversion than a video testimonial.

Based on some marketing studies, many professional content marketers claim that they use video content to meet organizational goals. They know that video testimonials work and can help a business to generate more leads.

Many biggest brands in the world invest good money and time for creating video testimonials considering its impact on customers. They realize that such videos can convert customers and generate revenue.


A video testimonial featuring one of your satisfied customers is an amazing way of generating leads. The reason is that many people prefer videos, and it can make a high retention rate than mere text content. 

Video testimonials can be a great marketing tool because it can create emotional connections. A video from real people about a particular product or service can convey more effectively. People can easily understand how valuable and important for your services and products.

Apart from that, you can create a real experience of your prospectus by using video testimonials for marketing. 

Make video testimonials regardless of the type of business that you are running to promote your products or services. It can certainly make the right impact for generating leads in the best possible way.

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