How to Calibrate Your Business Strategies by Changing SEO Algorithms

Any modern business needs its own website with a good ranking on the search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO)—the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to any website by improving its visibility to users and search engines—is on top of the list of crucial requirements of business organizations belonging to any industry. 

Keeping updated with the latest Google algorithms is invariably a critical factor that influences SEO.

The Significance of Staying Up-to-date With Google Algorithms

With its legendary market share, Google tops the search engines, almost having a monopoly. This search engine behemoth processes nearly 90% of all Internet searches across the globe. This unequivocally drives home the point that you need to focus your SEO strategy primarily on finding ways to rank higher on the Google search engine.

Google, in its endeavor to present authoritative and relevant content to searchers, keeps rolling out several core algorithm updates every year. While most of these updates are minor ones, a few have a far-reaching impact on the search engine ranking page (SERP). 

There are a number of SEO challenges and one such is an algorithm update or change can significantly help or hurt your search ranking as well as visibility. It is essential to keep regular track of the important changes that are about to impact your SEO tactics and strategy. 

In today’s competition-filled business ecosystem, every organization needs to stand out. This necessitates going all out to rank as high as possible on the predominant search engine of Google. So naturally, you need to understand how the search giant operates and be aware of its numerous changes and updates. You may use a guide to beginner SEO as the starting point.

The Fundamentals of Google Algorithms

An algorithm is just a set of instructions or rules that help to solve a problem within a pre-set number of steps. A search engine is a program that retrieves information and presents it to the users who submit queries. An algorithm in search engine technology determines how a computer would perform a certain task.

To help internet users, Google creates several algorithms that help the search engine to crawl, transform, and store relevant information on the internet. 

 In the quest of striving to be more intuitive, the world’s leading search engine, Google, keeps updating its algorithms. 

The Importance of Google Algorithms and the Changes

A huge load of information is being uploaded by Google in its database. Google algorithms have been instrumental in providing relevant information to the users for their queries. Without these algorithms, getting the relevant answers to queries in the ocean of information may not be possible. 

Google algorithms help to decipher the intent of the user and come up with the best and relevant information that fully satisfies the user’s query. 

Facts About Google Algorithm Updates You Need to Know

Google keeps updating its algorithms several times throughout the year, most of the changes being smaller. Many businesses owe their success to some of the best Google algorithms. Panda, Penguin, Florida, and RankBrain are a few of the algorithms of Google that fall into this category. 

Such algorithms have had a significant impact on the history of SEO as well as the rankings of websites. Thus it influences the revenue of the websites as well. 

The Exclusive Benefits of Keeping track of Google Algorithm Updates

Since the big and significant changes in the search engine’s algorithms will have a direct bearing on your SEO tactics and strategies, you naturally need to keep track of these. An algorithm update or change will impact the following:

  • Search visibility and ranking
  • Organic search traffic
  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Contrary to the common notion that algorithms are punishments, they are an effective way of rewarding the websites that provide relevant content and good user experience. It is for providing the user with the best possible answer for their query that Google makes such regular changes and updates. 

What is a Google Broad Core Update?

Out of the many algorithm changes made by Google regularly, most are quite inconspicuous. But, they help in the incremental improvement of websites. Google often makes broad, significant changes to its search algorithms and systems. To ensure that the Google search engine delivers effective results, it is updated frequently with core changes.Broad core update is the Google algorithm update that impacts the visibility of myriad websites. 

According to their expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), Google reconsiders the search engine ranking position (SERP) of various websites with each update.

The following are the distinctive features of the broad core updates that necessitate organizations to focus better on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness:

  • The broad core update has far-reaching impacts on the websites.
  • Changes in ranking positions may be taken into account for the search queries globally.
  • Broad core updates improve the contextual results for search queries.
  • Websites’ fall due to Google updates is improvised only by improving content quality.

The Connection Between Google Algorithm Updates and SEO

It is the algorithm that reads a web page and matches it with the predefined numeric values, the summation of which helps the working of Google. Websites get their ranking in Google search engine based on their desirable traits. The ranking of pages through algorithms is an integral element of SEO. This demands an effective optimization of the websites.

The SEO process helps to make Google understand what a specific web page talks about. This helps significantly in page ranking. To be able to achieve this, it becomes essential—from the SEO perspective—to stay updated with the changes in Google algorithms. 

The Latest Google Algorithm Updates You Need to be Aware of for Achieving Better Web Ranking

  1. Google Penguin Update

One of the significant Google algorithm updates, Google Penguin evaluates websites based on various factors. The backlinks of a site may impact the site’s ranking. Factors such as the content in the linked page, contextual page linking, links from different domains and trustworthy sources have an adverse effect on page ranking.

  • Keyword stuffing will have a negative impact.
  • Low-quality links will adversely impact ranking.
  • It is a violation to buy links.
  1. Google Panda Update

This algorithm analyzes the quality of the content in a site and evaluates it. Pages with high-quality content are given a higher ranking and vice versa. On-page optimization gains significance here. The content present on the website must be reliable, free from mistakes, and have a moderate volume of information to enable the website to get good ranking.

  • Too much or too little information can be harmful to web page ranking
  • Poor format, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors will render the site to be of low quality, thus affecting the ranking. 
  • Article spinning or copying content will make the quality low; so does unreliable content. 
  1. The Top Heavy Update

To ride high-quality advertisements, Google uses Top Heavy Update. Websites that are heavy with advertisements will lose their ranking. Sites that have too many advertisements are termed as ‘top-heavy.’ The changes in the top-heavy algorithm prevent websites that have too many advertisements from getting a higher ranking. 

  • This page layout algorithm has been updated with a view of preventing websites having too many ads
  • It is better to stick to the Ad to organic ratio to be safe from this update.
  1. Google Pirate Update

This update ensures that websites that have received many reports related to copyright infringement get adversely affected or blocked. Google’s DMCA system documents such rules.

Sites that have been addressed by the issue may safeguard themselves from a penalty by correcting this issue. 

  • This safeguards the original artist community as well as the media.
  • Valid documental proof needs to be provided for taking any page from the index.
  • Websites having a large number of copyright infringement reports will be penalized.
  1. Google Hummingbird Update

The Hummingbird update from Google develops the search result by working on itself. It doesn’t impact a website or any web page directly; it rather uses the searcher’s intent. The algorithm then makes use of this user intent for furnishing the result. It has a comparatively lesser impact on website rankings. 

  • The web owner is to focus on the target audience and figure out what is exactly expected by the users.
  • Rather than trying to encourage the users to adjust according to the service, web services must adjust according to the needs and desires of the audience.
  • Content must be unambiguous and crystal clear; any confusion would lead to a lower ranking of the site. 
  1. Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update

Google makes use of this algorithm update to filter the search engine for websites while preventing low-quality websites. This secures good rankings. A few sites might rank high on the search engine on the basis of the search keywords and words in their domain even though it is of low quality. With this EMD update, such sites with poor content that were previously free of issues might face a penalty. 

  • Websites with poor content need to be revamped.
  • The content in the site must be relevant and authentic in order to command admirable ranking. 
  • EMD update releases ‘false positives’ too.
  1. Payday Loan Update

The Payday update from Google works on both penguin and panda updates by combining the concepts of them. It has a distinctive use as well, in it that it deals with negative sites such as those dealing in casinos, pornography, and high-interest loans. The algorithm comes into play for the ranking of such sites. Such sites have to undergo optimization while they must not have any spam techniques.

  • Google Payday update comes in different versions, namely, Google Payday Loan 1.0, Google Payday Loan 2.0, and Google Payday Loan 3.0
  1. Google Pigeon Update

The update that most affects the local searches, Google Pigeon update employs two different algorithms for managing traditional web search and local search. Based on the search result, the Google Pigeon algorithm update identifies your location and ranks the website. The closer your location is to the searcher, the higher is the ranking.

  • The content in the site must be genuine, entirely based on the niche of the specific service or business.
  • Keywords must be appropriately used, and they must include the location of the business or service.
  • Responsive websites get a higher ranking.
  • Location-based text, images, or videos that are easy to find may be used.
  • The company’s details such as name, contact address, and phone numbers need to be used.
  1. Google Fred Update

Websites that are affiliate-heavy or ad-centered will be targeted by this update. Sites that have low-quality content and content that is uploaded with the sole purpose of generating ad revenue are specifically targeted. Such websites violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

  • Sites with high-quality, relevant content will be informational to users.
  • Ensuring that the content in the site is of high quality is essential.
  1. Google Mobile-Friendly Update

This update determines a website’s quality when it is viewed on a smaller screen. This algorithm is related to mobile search engine factors. With mobile-based searches increasing exponentially, this algorithm has been brought for ensuring smooth search performance from mobile devices.

  • A website needs to be mobile-friendly and it must support a mobile screen, automatically adjusting for the small screen.
  • Fonts must be large enough to provide a good user experience.
  • Non-playable content must be avoided on the website. 
  • A single website that caters to the PC as well as the mobile, with fast loading speed must be maintained.

Tracking all of the Google Algorithm Updates Helps to Ensure Business Success

Staying up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm updates enables businesses and webmasters to ensure that their website has quality content. This leads to better ranking and strong standing on the top of SERP. 

Several algorithm changes keep occurring on a regular basis. It is up to businesses to track how each of these will impact their website, do thorough research on the web, and follow the appropriate SEO strategy that suits them. This is the way ahead to succeed and sustain in today’s modern business arena.


There are a large number of algorithm updates rolled out by Google throughout the year. All the algorithms have a single intent of improving the search results for the users. While some are quite unnoticeable and less significant, others are apparently important. Focusing on the website and its content and understanding your audience is key to achieving success. Keeping tabs on Google algorithm updates is essential to ensure this.

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