11 Ways of Content Repurposing Without Hurting Your SEO

Content marketing is crucial for any successful digital marketing campaign. Behind every successful organization, there are valuable contents that resonate with their audience. 

Content marketing helps create valuable content that attracts a defined set of audiences and brings in profitable action from the customers.

Most reputed organizations use content marketing to increase sales for their existing/upcoming products and increase the loyal customer base.


What Are The Benefits of Content Marketing?


  • Improves Brand Reputation: A great piece of content helps in building trust with the company’s audience. When the customers read the content, they develop an opinion about the brand. 

Once they find the content engaging, they become the company’s loyal customers

Companies like Mazda have developed innovative ways like Zoom-Zoom magazine, where the customers share their experience with the Mazda vehicles. 

  • Improves Conversions: According to a survey conducted by ABG Essentials, it has been proved that excellent content marketing enhances the conversion rate six times. 

In the U.S.A, 61% of online consumers make purchase decisions based on a blog’s recommendations.

Now that you know about the benefits of content marketing but how you can expand the reach of your existing content. For this, we use content repurposing, so let us see what is content repurposing and its benefits.


What is Content Repurposing?


Content repurposing is a technique of recycling the elements of existing content to improve the content’s reach. 

For example, you can turn a highly engaging blog post into an explanatory infographic that makes the content reach easier to scale.

Creating new and engaging content frequently can be challenging for businesses. In such cases, content repurpose comes in handy. With content repurposing you can also save lots of time on content marketing efforts.


Why Repurpose Your Content?


  •   Broader Audience Reach: By transforming the existing content into different formats, your content reaches a broader audience. For example, if converted to an explanatory video and published on platforms like YouTube, engaging content can help the content reach a wholly new and broader set of audiences.
  •   Improve SEO and Authority: The larger is the online presence for your content, the higher are chances of Google noticing the content. When Google understands the engagement received for your content, it increases the rankings for your existing content, which eventually helps in gaining authority in your niche.
  •   Enhance the life of your content: If your content is evergreen and stays relevant for a more extended time, repurposing it will help in gaining more traffic and leads even after months and years. Check the existing content that received massive engagement in the past and expand it into a larger body. It helps in gaining more traction for the content.


11 Best Ways To Repurpose Your Content


Now that you know the importance of content repurposing, we have listed the effective ways to repurpose your content without hurting your SEO:

Design an Infographic

Infographic acts as a clear visual outline of your content. Suppose your content has a considerable amount of data to talk about. 

In that case, infographics help the user to understand data by breaking it down into significant points that are easy to understand the content. 

If you have any “how-to” kind of posts, infographics will be the right opportunity to try.

Create slideshow presentation

You can transform your content into a slideshow and upload it on PPT sites like Slideshare. The PPT sites help the readers revise your content with key points mentioned in the slides. You can use professional presentation templates so it looks more engaging. 

Slideshows save the time of the reader and help in bringing leads and conversion in the long run. This way of repurposing content works well if there is statistics-related data present in your content.


Repost on Social Media


As mentioned earlier, if you have any evergreen content relevant to current trends, reposting it on social media will bring in more traffic and leads. 

However, for reposting and gaining traffic through the same content, one must follow content publishing at different time zones and try different headline variations.   

If you have a large form of content, try breaking it down into smaller pieces of content and reposting it on social media. 

It helps in gaining more traffic to the content, as audiences on social media always prefer short-form articles and tweets.


Record Podcast 


Podcasts are a new trend in the content market. Nowadays, a specific set of audiences prefer listening to an audiotape rather than reading the entire piece of content. 

So, turning your blog post into a podcast would be the right repurposing method for such an audience. 

If you aren’t confident about your presentation skills on podcasts, you can always hire a melodious tongue to do that for you! 

Moreover, inviting industry experts to the discussion can add more reach to your podcast. 

Write an Ebook


If you want to expand existing content backed with lots of data and statistics, then an ebook is the right way to repurpose your content. 

Try to tweak your existing content with lots of images and infographics to make the content more engaging for the readers. 

Once the ebook is ready, you can use it to grow your email subscribers and also add one more stream of revenue for your business. 


Repost on Quora 


Quora is the booming social questions and answers platform. Most companies started taking advantage of this platform to drive in more targeted traffic to their content. 

The repurposed content can be used on this platform, either in answers to the questions or a post on user blogs. On the other hand, replies on Quora can also act as an idea for a new blog post on your business website. 

Since many industry experts are now present on Quora, your content’s chances of getting great exposure are high.


 Design instructography for Pinterest 


Instructography works on similar lines of infographics. However, it focuses on the “how-to” aspect of the content. 

If you have content that has been getting good engagement from Pinterest in the past, try to convert into instructography and pin it to your brand on Pinterest. 

A catchy thumbnail with a detailed instructograph will drive in more traffic to your content from Pinterest.


Craft Videos 


Videos are one of the powerful ways of content repurposing. The current generation has shifted from reading content to visual. 

With tons of videos being uploaded daily on the web, users always look for catchy videos to grab their attention in the first 5 seconds. 

If you can create a catchy thumbnail and grab your audience’s attention within 5 seconds, then the content repurposing technique works like a charm. 

According to the current video trends, the audience loves to watch short and to-the-point videos.

 Having 5-10 minute videos that are straight to the point can gain more engagement than a lengthy one-hour video.


Host a Webinar 


Webinar is a great way to present your topic live to the audience and also engage them in the discussion. By repurposing content through the webinars, you can bring in more sales for your products/affiliates. 

Webinars also act as feedback for your content. During the webinar, try to invite as many questions from your audience as adding more elements to your existing content and making it more engaging.


Create Email Series 


When it comes to ROI you can’t ignore the power of email marketing. It is the best way for any company to stay connected with its audience. 

When you have valuable content, try to create a series of emails that keep your audience engaged and they can use the information in their daily lives. 

For example, if you are a technology blogger, try to cover “how-to” type articles that help your audience take their gadgets’ best advantage. 

These kinds of articles not only increase your blog readership but also help in improving your affiliate conversions.


Use content Syndication sites 


Content Syndication allows your blog posts to be published on the sites where the audience reads other related content. Most of the time, highly influential publications charge your blog post’s price to appear on their website. 

However, you can figure out the best strategies to get the content syndication done for free of cost with the help of your personal network, journalists, or other blog owners.


Wrapping Up!


Repurposing is an excellent option for content creators to keep their audience engaged. Moreover, good engagement for a piece of content will always have good benefits of SEO. 

As long as the value is being added to the original piece of content, repurposing always works. Do let us know what your favorite content repurposing strategy is?


Author Bio: Ranjit is a freelance digital marketer and blogger at AppsTale.com. He mostly writes about online marketing tips and guides for small businesses.

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