8 Best Helpful Tips for the Newbie App Developer in 2020

An application developer writes software programs for specific operating systems (i.e. Android, iOS, or Windows) for the web or device adaptation. Certified app developers and professionals are trained in software coding and programming languages like (C, C++, React Native, Javascript, Cobra, Ionic, Xamarin, etc.) that are widely used for software app development.

All software platforms are built on various languages that vary in levels of complexity.

Characteristic Qualities of an App Developer

Mobile App Developers are expected to have a certain disposition of acquiring knowledge regularly but more so keen on the latest industry trends. These are some of the most basic characteristic qualities of an ardent app developer.

  • Keenness on new emerging software application development trends
  • Avoid programming language and coding technique enthusiast
  • Follow up in learning the latest skills with regular practice for mastery
  • Software and app development researcher to gain more knowledge

8 Best Tips to That Can Help the Newbie App Developer

App development is a progressive and endless evolving learning career that demands to be on the cutting-edge of the latest emerging software application development news and trends. With several journals, blogs, publications, and other social media posts it is important to update and acquaint oneself as a fresher app developer with all the present realities of software application development. For example, Code Better blog strives to make developers have access to advanced app development tools, app development methods, as well as new ways in software development. Tech Crunch has all the latest industry inputs on a range of inputs that ensure an app developer is well updated always. 

  1. Learn and Update Skills Regularly

App development is fast-paced and so is the dynamics surrounding it i.e. trends, depending on the language of specialization or preferred skill set with app development the basket of skills needs regular updates and practice to stay on top of the game as well as master it. 

Among the mainstream publications to update and enhance skill sets are like Tech Crunch, Code Better blog, App Developer Magazine and Google News have specialized and latest updates on Android app development among another special. Aligning all this with many other sources fortifies a fresher or rookie app developer.  

  1. Practice Makes Perfect is True for App Development

Whether it is track and field, cricket, football, hockey, car and bike racing, yoga and even app development the more you practice on real app project situations the better you get. And so finding real projects to work and contribute as much as possible is a great push to becoming a perfect app developer. Since coding is the heart of an app for a new coder there may be mistakes or errors.

However, as seen from the various sporting activities mentioned earlier top champions in these fields had to endure failure but persisted and are now reigning in their particular sport. Likewise, coding is all about failing over and over but finding ways to fix the failures and errors and learning how to do better. Without coding experience, it is hard to work on areas weakness in the entire app development learning curve.

  1. Gain More Expertise with App Development Frameworks

IOS, Android and Windows are broad platforms for app development with varied coding basis or foundation. They are coded in diverse languages some with the cross-platform or hybrid platform. The question is to obtain the uniqueness in format and also enhance knowledge in clean code generation whenever handling a specific project. Whether it is native, web or hybrid acquaintance with each development inspires and makes an app developer better skills and expertise.

  1. Be Innovation Driven  

Every field demands and requires avid keen interest but more than that it also demands to not settle for less or median knowledge. The issue here is that knowledge gets obsolete at a very fast pace that for some yesterday is today whereas for others today is tomorrow in terms of exciting innovations. Innovation and creativity drive app development at the highest level. Pursue it with relentless zeal to excel and be an industry mover and shaker. Create more and innovate to have relevance and stay relevant. It’s a good idea to keep track of professional and well-established app development services like those that build Android apps to be aware of the utmost trends and innovations of the sphere.

  1. Ensure Code is Clear, Clean and Excellent

Whether it is DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and WET (Write Everything Twice) code, code is the basis and foundation for app development. Ironically, especially people who may not have much knowledge or expertise in app development believe DRY Code is better than WET Code. However, it is up to the fresher app developer to discern or know first the difference between the two and why prefer one over the other and implement the preferred choice into the app coding style without too much rendering.

App code must be clear now and in the future without assumption or needing further interpretation. App code should be clean and inspire other aspiring app developers to learn from it. That is to say, set a precedent in-app code excellence.

  1. Keep Networking with Various App Development Communities

Android, ios and Windows platforms have several online networking communities for support and guidance. It is always good to keep in touch with what others are doing. Networking has many long-term benefits of gaining contacts and developing long-term relationships in the industry.

Besides, learning from expert app developers in the community opens doors to share with other upcoming rookies. Ultimately it helps build a reputation, gain attention and set the pace for your app development career. Networking is more about sharing, learning, strengthening connections and reaching wider audiences in the network. It also opens other benefits like personal and career growth.

  1. App Development is Broad, Do Specialize 

Sometimes finding your first love is the hardest part and sticking to it even as you gain the latest programming and coding skills is a challenge. However, every step in app development reveals more exciting insight and helpful knowledge to build s solid foundation.

  1. Know Very Well All Coding Design Patterns

Design in everything matters as it renders shape, structure, and usability. More than anything, the app design patterns are what make or break the app. This especially true for mobile app development. A good app design pattern helps add exciting usability features, fix existing bugs, and simplify the apps testing process. Wrong app design patterns complicate the entire app development process.

For instance, ios commonly use the Model View Controller (MVC). However, there are more to app design patterns like MVVM (Model-view-view model) app design pattern. These are all common app design patterns which an app developer should know about and how to apply them in an app development project and accomplish all tasks.


App development is truly diverse in programming languages and applications to learn and apply in the course of growth as an app developer. Since no one can literally or figuratively be a ‘Jack of Trades’ specialization at crucial app development skills, languages and following emerging applications development trends helps navigate the complexities and challenges to becoming a certified and professional app developer.

Vanessa Chole is an app developer & a guest blogger on various websites. She is currently associated with VertexPlus Technologies in Canada – the leading app development, innovative technology solution and service models for business impact. She has worked with various other brands and created value for them.


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