Successful B2B Marketing Strategies That Work in 2020

B2B marketing strategies have come a long way now in 2020. From the early days of being focused on direct mail and sharing martinis at fancy restaurants, the B2B buying journey is evolving rapidly online and increasingly self-directed.  As a business-to-business marketer, you may be wondering how you will adapt and grow your business to the next level. Look no further! Let’s review some of the successful B2B marketing strategies that will help your business in 2020.

7 Content Formats B2B Brands Can’t Ignore

Technology is rapidly changing the way businesses work, and the B2B industry is no exception. Market leaders are constantly finding new ways to communicate and engage with their customers.  Historically, companies in the B2B space who have succeeded in marketing have been quick to adapt to new methods as part of their strategy to engage new customers. And nothing over the past few years has been as big as content marketing.

How to Decide Between CMS and Hand Coding for Your Website

Every type of business has an online presence nowadays. Businesses need to have this presence as most of the leads are now generated from online platforms. So, having an informative and goal-oriented website is a must to sell your services or products. There are a lot of ways to build a website but it can be categorized into 2 popular methods namely “CMS or Content Management System” and “Hand Coding”. Now, which method is suitable for your website? If you…

How to Save Time on Content Marketing in 2020

Content Marketing is one of the well-known and cost-effective promoting systems offered; however, that doesn’t imply it is modest. Thankfully, you will find the time and money-saving tricks that you can apply to reduce your costs without sacrificing your campaign’s caliber. You will not find too many people talking about them — either since they do not wish to share their secrets, or since they could be exploited and implemented the drastically wrong way.

The Main UI/UX Design Challenges and Their Solutions

This is the question any top mobile app design company has met with so many times because most developers today are perfectly aware that usability is a key point when it comes to making UI/UX interfaces. They also know all the aspects and features they should strive for when making a successful application but they don’t know the best methods and techniques should be used to achieve quality.

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Operations with ICT

The rapid development of technology has enabled every single modern-day business to increase productivity levels, provide better services, and establish closer customer bonds. We rely on tech tools daily to communicate, monitor, and update our websites, and to interact via social networks. The world of information and communication technology (ICT) is a vast and versatile one, on a continuous upward trajectory. We can always expect a new, improved solution to pop up, be it for cybersecurity, or an AI-based customer…

How Google Cloud Is Attracting Business And Why Should You Rely On Google Cloud

Google brought forward innumerable advancements along with strong value propositions that have momentum in their favor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to begin your business on the cloud or thinking about migrating from your present cloud deployment strategy. You will surely enjoy the benefits that come with using Google Cloud platform for your company. One of the best invoice generator app designers is already using it. Cloud hosting services provided by Google is what you recognize as Google Cloud…

The Freelancer’s Guide to Building a Home Office that Works

So, you’ve taken the big step and decided freelance life is the best way for you to go professionally speaking. That’s a bold decision that shows you’re already ready for the challenges that will definitely come. However, before you start worrying about how to grow your client base and getting new clients, you need a nice home office so you won’t ruin your back working on the kitchen table.  Sure, you may think that freelancing is all about going from…

9 Valuable Tips to Improve Your Existing Marketing Strategy

To effectively market your business, you need to enhance the basic strategies that you are already using. In a highly competitive world, it is no longer enough that you have a social media strategy or that you send emails regularly. You see, what used to work years ago, may already be irrelevant today.