13 Ways To Promote Your Twitter

Twitter allows you to grab the attention of the users with less than 150 characters. Get creative tweeting your thoughts, ideas, posts, and garner attention from users. You can increase your fan following using these techniques to promote on Twitter. Start better conversations on this platform and convert users to loyal patrons who look forward to your tweets. Here’s how you keep your audience engaged.

Post “Behind the scenes” content

Pique interest in users who use twitter by posting videos, interviews, and mixed content that is behind the scenes. This creates transparency and makes your business and products look credible. Media houses, the film industry generates a lot of instant followers when they give a sneak peek of the insider videos and grab a lot of attention. It immediately piques the curiosity of users and gets them interested to follow your tweets. 

Post popular quotes

Everybody loves to read inspiring quotes from their busy schedule as it is a reason for users to stay motivated. Quotes have a positive impact on most of the social media platforms and generate interest in users who do not have to spend a lot of time noticing them. Compared to long posts, posting quotes grab the immediate attention of the users and creates user engagement. 

Get funny with memes

Everybody loves a laugh. Inspire people with laughter and create a positive impact on users who go through your timelines. You will make someone’s day and users are going to love that. On a busy day, multitasking in between many other things, a good laugh is something anybody would look forward to. Funny memes are likely to go viral. They create positive emotions to boost the number of followers you see on Twitter. 

Write some tips

Tweet about tips that make the lives of users easy. Post everyday tips and users will love you. Show your authority on a niche or multiple niches and tweet useful tips. You could choose from life hacks, tech tips, digital media, fashion, or anything that people are looking for. Choose to post daily or weekly tips with consistency and include relevant hashtags. 

Find a way to use trending hashtags

Take a look at trending hashtags and use them to create personalized tweets. Incorporate them into your product and business tweets. Look at the trending in your city and country. This will give you an insight into hot topics you can cash in. You can create content that is in sync with your business as well as hashtags. You can create promotional as well as personal tweets with a purpose. Create hashtags using simple words for promotional events you want to create.

Evoke emotions through tweets

Your tweets must be able to evoke some kind of emotion. It could be a surprise, amusement, curiosity, inspiration, happiness, hope, and anything that has a positive impact on people. Create tweets that evoke positive emotions that motivate users to share the tweet. It is essential to evoke emotions to make the tweets go viral. 

Retweet and respond

You can create engagement by being engaged responding to other tweets. If you have a product that users have a question about being quick to respond to generate a positive impact on the users. Users feel that you are paying attention to what they have to say and will love getting attention. Users love to feel important and you will fulfill their need of feeling important when you respond to their tweets. 

Add visual elements

Add pictures, memes, infographics, videos, GIFs, etc and make your promotions visually appealing. Tweets with visual elements get retweets double the times of text tweets. Post images about your products, events, and make them personalized more than businesses like so people can relate to and respond. 

Create contests

Choose a random winner to give away a gift for the competition you create. Create interesting and entertaining contests. Not necessarily about your products, but you can make them relevant. Everybody loves to win and gifts are motivating enough to bring a smile on the users and create curiosity about your brand. 

Geotag tweets

Add location to your tweets and get more local exposure. It is easy to create user engagement when you are organizing local events. You get a wider local reach enabling this feature. Choose the list of locations and integrate it with other geotagging tools like Foursquare. 

Reach influencers in your industry

When you pitch your idea or post to influencers you get a wider reach instantly. Identify who are the influencers in your industry. Post tweets and see if the influencers are liking your tweets. Interact with them via tweets and post tweets that align with the content of their timelines. 

Create great headlines

Grab attention by creating great headlines for your products, blogs, services, thoughts, or anything else you want to tweet about. It must align with the message of your brand.

Creating a tweeting plan

Choose the day you will post specific tweets and content. Choose a day in the week to post how-tos, trends, and assign one day in the week to interact with users and customers. It is easy to curate and post content and create asynchronous content calendar for a good reach. 


Twitter is a powerful platform for content marketing as you can get the word out using various content formats. Build an audience by using these promotional and networking tips to spread the word about your business and product. 

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