Checklist for Writing a Fully Optimized Blog Post

Getting a good position on a search engine result page like Google will direct more traffic to your site. Besides, you will have a long-term reader, which will ultimately lead to paying customers. 

You have to take action today because there are more rankings on Google than pure luck. There is a science behind it and the strategy you need to understand to make something possible. Navigating your way to the top of the search engine results is quite complicated. So, use the following checklist to optimize your content completely before publishing it.

This checklist list will ensure you fully optimize content for readers, search for crawlers, and your marketing goals.


  • Know Your Target Audience


Identify with whom you write post correctly. In this way, you will feel more comfortable with honest with your work. Know who your target audience allows you to make your content to ensure it is according to their interests and needs.

When you find out the right audience for your content, it is much easier to create the content. Use some buyer persona to identify your target audience. It will be easier for you to create content because it will be of no use if it doesn’t reach the right audience. 



  • Research Keywords


when you discovered your target audience or readers, the next step is to identify the keywords. Don’t just use the high-volume keywords like we always do in Seo, instead use the search terms most searched by your target audience. 

The keywords selection should get well ranked in search engine results pages. The keywords should depict the intent of your blog. The keywords should well represent your topic and be in the top searched by your target audience: select the popular keywords and the ones that can get easily ranked. 

Create a list of 6-7 right keywords and phrases, and start writing your blog. Also, choose 3-5 LSI keywords related to your primary keywords.


  • Create an Outline For your post


Create a basic outline for your content, like the main headline/ topics and then sub-headlines/ sub-topics. This way, your blog post will look attractive and will be very helpful for your target audience. Don’t just write long, boring paragraphs; instead, prepare an outline and write accordingly. 

Follow these tips-

  • Decide a theme/ Category
  • Decide the Main heading or title for that theme
  • Create a list of sub-topics that it can cover under it.

After the necessary things complete, it will be very easy to create a blog post. This way, you can get your blog post into featured snippets. 


  • Create a Working Headline


Come with a working title for the blog in your mind before you start writing. Knowing the label will help you focus on the topic correctly, and you can write and produce the contents that fit the title.

Every blog writer follows a different strategy for creating the blog title; some make it before writing the blog post, while some prefer to write it at the end after the whole blog is composed. But I would suggest creating a title before writing the blog because it will give you the right direction for your blog writing. 

Don’t forget to include the main keywords in your title. It is the most important thing to create a Seo optimized blog post. 


  • Write Long Blog


When you start writing the blog, make sure it has the right amount of word in it. The extended content or blog you write, the higher the chances of increased readers’ dwell time. The blog should be long and detailed and include all substantial facts, details, news, stats, takeaways, and information that will be valuable to the readers. 

Use efficient and realistic examples in your blog post so that the audience can find it interesting, engaging, and helpful in some manner. 


  • Use Active Voice


Remember to write your blog in an active voice and avoid using passive voice. This factor is significant for improving the blog’s readability and make it fully Seo optimized. Passive voice can make the content look dull, boring, and outdated. 


  • Use Easy Language


Don’t use very complex and heavy words and sentences in your blog post. Use a simple, straight, and easy-to-understand language to increase your users’ engagement with your blog post. 

Using an overly complex and challenging blog structure and terms may lose your audience. Simple blog doesn’t mean you comprise its quality. Make sure to create a high quality but easy to understand the blog. 


  • Create Original Content


Often, many blog sites post copied, poorly written, spun content, which creates a terrible impression on readers and Google. Google can also penalize a website for posting copied and plagiarized content on the website. 

Create and post very fresh and original content to increase the credibility of your blog post. 


  • Break Blog into Sub-headings and Break long Paragraphs


The content you create should be easy to read and create user engagement, so avoid using long and boring paragraphs. Instead, break your blog into various short sections with small sentences to increase its readability. 

Also, use various sub-headings instead of long paragraphs; it will increase the readability. Break down your content and spit it down into multiple sections. Also, make sure to include the primary keywords in your subheading. 


  • Use Images


To make your blog post interesting and increase its readability, use the graphics in your blog like images, videos, infographics, etc. 

The blog should have one main featured image and other related images that convey a blog’s intent to the readers. Try to use one photo per 100 words in your blog post to get more engagement and social shares. 

Always ensure the images are also well optimized and of proper size. Please don’t use too large images because it will slow down the page’s speed, and don’t use too small pictures to look low quality. 

Improve blog SEO use the main keywords in your image ALT tags and original filename of the image. Never use any pictures with copyright.  


  • Create internal Links


If you have a past blog post related to the one you are creating currently, then always remember to link the old blog to this new blog by creating internal linking. This way, your past blog will get a new life and will again come to notice and get visits. It’s a great way to promote your past blog and to generate relevant traffic to them.


  • Include CTA’s


What you want the visitors to do after they read your blog when they land on your page. After that, add the call to action for your goal. It is the best way to tell them the next step they need to perform and how it will benefit them. Keep the “call to action” short and the point. It should also articulate any benefit it will provide to the visitors.


  • Add social sharing Buttons


Encourage your visitors or readers to share your content on various social media channels by adding social media buttons. For example, use buttons like click to tweet, callouts, social media sharing buttons, etc.


Follow these tips to create a well-optimized blog post. You can create a blog post without following any of these tips, but it will not help you get your target and goals if you want to generate a tremendous amount of traffic and get great returns to follow these tips.

Emily is a zealous writer and with her passion to read and write about marketing blogs and its implementation in our modern world. With such curiosity embedded in herself, she researches extensively before writing a blog to deliver a credible and detailed content piece. She has more than 8 years of professional experience in Cibirix- a Miami seo company and loves to write about different types of digital marketing content in the industry. 


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