Online Advertising Tips for Handyman Services

Nowadays, long-term cooperation with the client often begins with a few clicks. That’s why it’s so important for handymen to advertise their services online. It is crucial for a novice handyman to find his first customers, while an experienced one needs to increase his client base. In this case, both of them should use online advertising tools. 

Before starting, it’s better to make a handyman marketing plan to streamline activities in this direction. In this article, you will find useful online advertising tips to attract more clients and boost your handyman business. 

Free Marketing Tools for the Handyman 

We are used to paying for advertising. Still, there are some ways of how to advertise handyman services for free. It’s possible via social media. Of course, there are some other ways to advertise your services without a budget. Below we will talk about them. 

How Can Social Media Be Useful for Promoting Handyman Services?

Social media profiles are the perfect place for handyman advertising. First of all, social media channels are effective in marketing because they show the potential for high traffic. According to Statista, in 2019, 79% of the US population had a social networking profile. This means that many different people are able to see your message. 

Secondly, social media provides many options for finding new customers and keeping in touch with old ones online. For example, you can use your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profile to:

  • Share all your contacts so that clients could reach you easily.
  • Start an expert blog and share home improvement advertising ideas with your audience.
  • Post relevant links and content – everything that is useful for your potential clients to monitor your reputation – clients like to share their experience online. It’s a smart way for you to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use social media to establish trust with customers – gather and publish feedback from your clients. People will more willingly ask for your services if they see social proof.

Don’t neglect trendy social media – thus, you can run a non-trivial handyman TikTok. Especially if you learn how to promote your business on Tik Tok properly. You would be surprised, but both funny and educational videos are gaining popularity pretty fast.

Finally, if you manage your social profiles by yourself, you spend nothing on your promotion except for time. Sounds attractive.

Another Option of Free Advertising

Social profiles are not the only place to share your contacts for free. You can use Google My Business to place information about your service. This is a modern analog of Yellow Pages – you just let your customers find you. 

You also can post advertising on a free online service catalog. One of them is Craigslist – visitors choose their location, then they click on the service or product they want to purchase and see the list of companies.  

Run and Update Your Website

While giving handyman advertising examples, many experts are sure that the website is the heart of the digital marketing plan. Many customers google contractors. That’s why it’s crucial to get at the top of the search results. 

The rule is simple: the better your page’s content, the higher your rank is. In this case, it’s advisable to delegate all the works on your website to professionals. Still, you should know the basics of how to attract organic traffic on your website. Let’s say in a few words: 

  • Your site should be SEO-optimized.
  • Your content should be relevant.
  • You should update the content regularly.
  • Your website should be visually attractive.

What about Paid Advertising?

You probably know that online advertising is much more efficient and transparent than tools of offline marketing. The key advantage is that you pay for the result. There are two most reliable advertising placement schemes: Pay-per-click (PPC) and Pay-per-lead (PPL) advertisement. 

How to Use Pay-per-Click Ads for a Handyman?

This option implies a payment for every click on your ad that potential customers make. What does it look like? Such ads look the same as search results, but they appear above all of them. So, while browsing search results, users see the advertisement at the top. The results of organic listings are below. 

The thing is that you pay for attracting leads – read like customers. They are looking for a service provider that can solve their problem. What is the right way to make them notice your ads? You should create handyman advertising slogans using the keywords – phrases by which users are looking for handyman services on the Internet. 

Pay-per-Lead Campaigns 

PPL campaigns deliver warmer traffic. It means that the audience is not only interested but also wants to use your services “right here and right now.” You can reach the prospects via targeted ads. The price of such advertising is usually higher, but such leads are more likely to be converted to real clients.

There are also many different platforms offering handymen to promote their services. They attract traffic on their websites and show information about handymen to the target audience. Users study it and choose which specialist to pick. After that, the handyman receives a notification with the client’s contacts and communicates with him, discussing all the details. 

A reputable platform is Google Local Services. Here, you don’t even have to know how to write an ad for handyman services. This platform uses customers’ reviews on Google to make the content of the ad. Therefore, Google Local Services is supposed to be one of the most convenient tools of PPL adverts for a handyman. 

As you can see, it’s not that hard to make a marketing plan for your small business. You can do it yourself or delegate to specialists. But still, you can advertise your handyman service even without a budget. So, what about your business – have you ever used online marketing tools? If yes, please share your experience in the comments!

The author is an experienced entrepreneur. A professional devotes his life to helping talented people develop their projects. He has already written about the handyman advertising on his website. He is currently writing a book on how to start a successful business with minimal resources.


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